X-TEX, Rolled fabric, 60" W x 250' L

Ultra Tech 9310,X-TEX, Rolled fabric, 60" W x 250' L
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Designed for use as a durable long lasting geo-textile and filter media. . Allows large volumes of water to pass through while sorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal, and vegetable oils. . Cost effective absorbs an average of 20 times its own weight of liquid hydrocarbons. . Great for use in oil/water separators, stormwater and wastewater filtration systems, and water polishing applications. . Ultra-X-Tex in fabricated forms can help meet NPDES and TMDL requirements. Call us or visit www.StormwaterProducts.com for more information. . When used as a filter medium, water passes freely, while adsorption of target hydrocarbons begins on contact. Extremely efficient due to the enormous lipophilic surface area of the altered fibers. . Works well as a fibrous supporting matrix for other water conditioning materials such as selective zeolites, activated carbon, zero-valent iron filings, etc. Ultra-X-Tex can be conditioned to remove specific chemical compounds. . Approximately 85-90% of sorbed oils can be reclaimed from Ultra-X-Tex and the media reused. . In bench-scale testing, Ultra-X-Tex has shown promising results in filtering out emulsified oils and hydrocarbons out of a water stream. This characteristic creates opportunities for the use of Ultra-X-Tex in oil/water separation applications and other hydrocarbon filter projects. Ultra-X-Tex is environmentally benign and user-friendly. It does not leach harmful substances into the environment and when incinerated produces minimal residue or ash. .
Item Number: 9310